Thursday, November 12, 2009


Seeking refuge from the chaos, I recently found an oasis in the form of my daughter’s wedding. It was a welcome and joyous relief! Most importantly, the day was filled with incredible happiness and fun.

The campaign trail had long ago taken its toll on my stamina and I crossed the finish line on pure fumes. I was fortunate to make it a competitive race but ultimately, came up short in my quest. Surprisingly, there was as much relief as disappointment in the loss.

The oasis has slowly dissipated over the last week, but the calm has remained. I am committed to regaining my life focus…which means getting my priorities back in alignment. My aim is to simplify. Life, by choice, has been much too complex lately. I’ve been juggling far too many balls, and while I’ve been largely successful at doing so, my arms are tired. I’ve already begun the process of unwinding my elective responsibilities and expect to enter the New Year completely free of obligations. It’s necessary.

I’ll continue to rest until the forest swallows me up again. When it does, I’ll be ready to resume my search for the right path.

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